🩸Blood Of Yakuza

Decentralized play-to-earn virtual world

What is BOFY?

BOFY is a revolutionary gaming MMO virtual world that combines entertaining action with the use of groundbreaking Non-Fungible Token technology. Players can earn in-game rewards in the form of play-to-earn BOFY tokens and win or buy in-game tools and characters represented by collectibles and rare NFTs, all of which have economic value in the real world.

Blood Of Yakuza consists of more than 30,000 NFT's that can be minted by fighting your way & leading our syndicate while gaining valuable experience.

The entire gaming world revolves around the ability to purchase additional tools or perks to gain a performance advantage over the other player. Many of the most popular and successful games offer players in-game assets and in-game currency that are not usable in the real world and have no real value outside the game.

All the items in BOFY are Non-Fungible Tokens, which can be earned during in-game events, by gaining a higher level due to the experience, by completing daily quests, and gaining daily streaks or bought with the native currency of the Blood Of Yakuza economy – BOFY. When a user creates an in-game account, BOFY automatically creates and links a crypto wallet to that account, or allows you to connect your own wallet, which is used to store NFTs, in addition to BOFY and any other cryptocurrency.

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