Three character collections with a total of 30,000 NFT, that each will have 3,333 (a total of 9,999) mintable NFTs that you cannot be earned while playing the game. 20,001 NFTs will be available to earn in game. BOFY allows NFT's to be minted, sold or traded across BSC, Solana, and Ethereum allowing users to bypass high gas fees while minting. This is achieved by wrapping individual NFT's in a โ€˜cloak' of the destination chain. These NFT's at any point can be unwrapped onto the original chain.BOFY NFT will capture every blockchain tangible advantages like:

BSC's Popularity in Gaming Industry

Huge traction in gaming industry and flexible environment for NFT and tokenized games.

Solana's Cost Effectiveness

Solana has an averages $0.00025 cost per transaction, in some instances it can get low as $0.0001. This compares to $10-$90 on other major blockchains, depending on network congestion.

Ethereum's Security & Provenance

Ethereumโ€™s first NFT projects started in 2015. In other words, Ethereumโ€™s NFT scene has the richest history and vastly predates the NFT scenes of all Ethereumโ€™s contemporary alt-L1 competitors. Ethereum has maintained perfect uptime throughout its life, too, so it has the longest and most proven track record of reliably securing NFTs to date.

Solana Speed

Solana is capable of processing over 50,000 transactions per second. Developers appreciates the network's growth, and approves that transaction speeds can reach 700,000 TPS. This is a significant advantage over Ethereum, which currently handles 15 to 45 transactions per second. Solana has processed over 64 billion transactions to date, significantly outperforming many of its main competitors:

BOFY allows items to be unique assets that have economic value outside of the game and can be transferred throughout the entire blockchain ecosystem.

One of the most important and main things in a decentralized environment is to have full customization of your close game environment. At BOFY, you will be able to gain different looks & accessories by actually being involved in the game.

Here are the benefits of the NFT avatars & accessories:

  • Deploy the NFT avatar as an actual in-game outfit or accessory;

  • Trade or sell NFT with other players or collectors;

  • Stake avatars and receive %APY depending on its rarity & complexity

BOFY features a limited amount of ultra-rare gear items with completely unique artistic features and effects. These items are mintable and can be earned as rewards or bought from other players. In the future, players will be able to trade these NFTs on secondary marketplaces.

BOFY will allow combining of your Avatar & Items token, you can get various outfits, eye & face wear, and more!

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