Laws & Crime System

Lawless society has its consequences, one of them is that the world consists of a lot of illegal activities like drug smuggling, gun trafficking, murders and more. Buying and selling drugs can make you some extra money.


BOFY contains multiple crime-related buildings and areas. Drug growing and proceeding, exporting & importing will be included in the virtual world of BOFY.
The Shipyard will allow player to own a boat, which will serve as a drug-smuggling tool.
Cannabis Farm – allows planting player own weed from different seeds. Then sell it through inventory. If player want to receive a full payment, timing must be precise. Player that is late the percentage is deducted from the earnings. By increasing game level, player can grow more and obtain larger variety of weed seeds.
Mafia’s boss house – one of the most important buildings in the game. Here player can buy a boss help to get immunity using diamonds. While player have the immunity nobody can steal or fight him, unless player accept battles in a fight club. Moreover, player can put some of its enemies on the wanted list and add a reward for the other player who would be eliminated.
Brothel – here player can hire hookers which earns money throughout the day. As player level ups the building, the workers capacity grows.
Prison – player can help friends to get out of the prison. Players can go to prison If are caught committing crimes.
Army – by building up an own army, player can try to attack banks with it and steal some money. Having own army also can help to defend players own assets.
Amphetamine lab – player can boil amphetamine here and sell it for money making its dream of becoming drug King Pin come true.