Story Line

For many years the world suffered from a series of economical and political crises. A society with a high level of technological and cultural advancements started to crumble. Society was out of control without any rules. A world where people could come and go as they pleased, do what they wanted when they wanted to do it, and say what they felt without repercussion.
It took only a few years, and there are no government entities dedicated to investigating and punishing violations of the law. No notion of a criminal court system. Law enforcement as we know it does not exist. Constant feeling of danger is taken as normal in current society. Any standards that would be in place to prevent any horrible things from happening were put aside and not taken into consideration, as most people would act just because they could.
Only a few societies made up groups with their own set of rules. Those within the group follow the rules and those outside do not. But soon bigger societies were more described as gangs due to having any mercy to others. BOFY aims to recreate a society without any laws inside it.
The war for space and money without any consequences continues, it is your turn to conquer the hills of a lawless land.